Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mum: is happy, i think. work is good for her, much more challenging and stimulating for her and i think she is doing very well, i can tell she is respected by alot of people. hahahahaha she went away for a few and one of the guys is stalking her. her language is improving, she is actually very good. she is travelling heaps (almost on a weekly basis) and learning alot, buyt she is looking foward to holidays. mitch is doing same old shit, different day. he is working 3 days a week, its boring for him but its money. going and getting out on the piss, had a big party while mum, james and i trashedthe house. still grumpy old man, we get along well when we both get on the piss. hahahahah he sent me a msg at 2:00 the night he had the party 'i am very proud of you. i also love you very much' hahahah

So I am speaking to chenney and Im like I so knew you would be leaving soon, what need to stop worrying about my dad, seriously they are all the fucking same, i have never wanted to kill someone more than mark. but when i think about it, it is because we have so many of the same qualities: both stubborn, strong views..... blah blah blah, sometimes he is so fucking childish, hypocritical and he manages to twist everything to make me look like an ungrateful bludger. same old shit about money, not pulling my weight, what have you done iwth your life blah blah. i love him to death but i cant live with him, its killing me!